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Sunday Deepstack $150

Sun 4 Mar '12 - 12:10PM

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Result Name Hometown Winnings
1st Richard Chatfield Melbourne $3,060.00
2nd Quoc Nguyen Melbourne $2,120.00
3rd Brian Furness Melbourne $1,530.00
4th Peter Pantanassiotis Melbourne $1,175.00
5th Steven Matus Melbourne $940.00
6th Tony Delavinias Melbourne $825.00
7th Mikel Habb Melbourne $705.00
8th Matt Hill Melbourne $590.00
9th James Demirok Melbourne $470.00
10th Johnny Safarro Melbourne $355.00

About the Tournament

Game Type: No Limit Holdem

  • Game: No Limit Holdem
  • Buy-In: $110.00
  • Entry Fee: $40.00

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